Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lazy Day...for the most part!

Well, today was a lazy day, for the most part. Bobbie and I ran 10K this morning, which wasn't lazy of us at all. But, lazy happened when I got home.

For some reason, I freeze after I've finished running. So, I came home, put on some pajamas with long sleeves and posted up on the couch, with no intention of falling asleep. The problem was...after being outside for that long, my allergies were unbearable! (My sister keeps telling me that I've needed to see an allergist since I was one, but I don't know how I feel about that many needles in my back!) When my head hit the pillow on the couch, I was gone. The next thing I knew, it was one in the afternoon! They say when you sleep like that, you really need it!

Anyhoo...6.2 miles down today, 4 more tomorrow, and then the Liberty Bell 5K in Liberty, KY on Saturday...aiming for under 27 minutes...let's see what happens!

P.S. - If you aren't already a follower of my blog...c'mon...join the crowd! Please!


  1. I was pretty lazy today as well!! My liberty time last year was like 29:30 so I am there with ya on that 27!!

  2. LOVE the new blog! I'm getting into running, so I'm going to try to keep up. By the way, I know a GREAT allergist in Lexington if you're interested!