Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a sister...

So, for those of you who are blessed with a sister...isn't it awesome?! I love watching my niece play softball...but my other favorite part about spending all day Saturday at the ball field, is that I get to spend the day with my sister, Kelly.

Today started off with a wonderful 3.1 mile run that felt great...due to the fact that the weather is actually NICE right now. (It's been absolutely miserably hot out there until yesterday.) After the run, I went to see my sister to get my hair cut and colored. She also uses me as a guinea pig. She's been trying to sharpen her French braiding skills, so I now have one lonely French braid in my hair.

Not only do I LOVE my hair...but one of my favorite places to be is in that chair, having unending conversations with Kelly. Next to my husband, she is my best friend and I love her for that.
To top it all off, we are going tonight to see Eclipse. YAY! :)

I felt the need to write this post simply because I am so truly blessed to have the sister that God graced me with...even when she makes me mad! :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Day! (with the exception of the sunglasses!)

Well, today was all in all, a great day! I got up with every intention of running this morning, but...that didn't happen! I must have turned off my alarm...hmmm. Went to school to clean the classroom and was dumbfounded at how dirty and nasty our classrooms get throughout the year. I've never seen so much filth in all my life!

After cleaning the classroom, onto the ball field I went! My nephew Zach had a tee ball game, and my niece Gracie had 2 softball games. While tee ball isn't my favorite game to watch, I do enjoy watching Zach play. He had an incredible out at home plate! Way to go Zach!

Gracie's team, the Mercer Mystixx, lost their first game by one run...completely due to horrible officiating! They won their second game by a landslide! I LOVE SOFTBALL! If I get this excited over watching my nieces and nephews, what will it be like when I'm watching my own?

The one downfall to the day, THE SUNGLASSES! I've had my eye on a pair of running sunglasses for months now and finally decided to buy them. I got them in the mail today...they are definitely not for me! I'm definitely sending them back! What do you think?

The Power of Prayer!

So, my husband was gone fishing and when 10:30 rolled around, I started to get worried. I tried texting him and calling him, no response. When he got home, he had been vacuuming out his NEW truck, and had forgotten to take his phone with him. Well, I never heard it ring at the house when I tried calling him, so we decided the phone couldn't be anywhere in the house. We went to Guadalajara (where we ate last night)...they were closed. I sent my sister (Kelly) a text...she hadn't found it at her house either. Last place to check...the movies! We drove to the movies at 11:00...the doors were locked...Jeremiah knocked and knocked. Finally, they unlocked the door. While Jeremiah was inside, I whispered a quick prayer to God, asking him to watch over us and let His will be done. When Jeremiah came back to the truck, he was grinning from ear to ear. Someone had turned in his phone.

I know it's a tiny thing...but God is always listening! Sweet dreams all!

Monday, June 28, 2010

RJ Corman Run in Wilmore, KY

This past Saturday, myself and a couple running buddies of mine (Bobbie, Katrina, and Bobbie's friend Mr. Jergensen), and of course Mama Ruby, ran in the RJ Corman 5K in Wilmore, Ky. My time was a little slower than normal, but I don't mind considering the ENTIRE race was UPHILL! Seriously, it wasn't, but there were enough hills to make it feel that way. It was very hot and muggy, so those hills were tough! But, my saving grace after the race was something my wonderful niece introduced me to called a Frogg Togg Chilly Pad. All you have to do is wet the towel and it automatically chills itself. And it stays cold as long as it's wet. All I can say is, WOW! My time ended up being something like 29:25...and I finished 3rd in my age group! (So did Bobbie!) All in all, a good day...

Exercise Ticker...UGH!

So you see the running ticker at the top of my blog...I CAN'T GET IT TO CENTER!!! UGH!

First Blog Experience EVER!

WOW! I think I've always made fun of people who blogged about their daily experiences, but after reading a blog that a friend of mine has always done, I decided to start one. It may be slow starting, but one day, I'll be an expert. I'm looking forward to a new experience, so please, ENJOY!

This is a picture of myself and my wonderful husband, Jeremiah. Have fun getting to know us through my blog!