Monday, July 12, 2010

Running Chics Review

Just this week, I received an Alo tank in the mail from Running Chics (visit website here). The tank is white and has their logo centered on the front of the tank and on the back at the very bottom of the shirt. It is absolutely adorable!

I wore the shirt on Sunday, for a five mile run with my running buddy, Bobbie (visit her blog here). Bobbie was the one who gave me the inspiration to try products and review them on my blog. I'm loving every minute of it! Anyhoo...wore the tank on a five mile run in 85 degree heat with sun beating down on us almost the entire time. We were grateful for any tree that directed it's shade onto the road! It was warm. As for the tank, WOW! Compared to all of my current running shirts, (no need to disclose the brand), there is no comparison! I've never worn a shirt so comfortable and so cool! Of course we were hot...we were running! But, I was nowhere near as hot as I've been on cooler days,
wearing a different shirt. It is honestly above and beyond any of the other big name brand shirts that I own. If it's clean, I'll be wearing it! Bobbie will probably get tired of looking at it! A big thank you to Andrea over at Running Chics! Once again, click here to visit their site!

Andrea also sent me one of their logo t-shirts and a bag with their logo. Thanks Andrea!


  1. Was wondering if you noticed our mileage ended up being one over :) I was happy when I realized it today!

  2. CUTE!! CUTE!!! I love these shirts and have to have them. How did you get that gig?? Do you just have to contact Running Chics to see if you can review their products. How cool is that? Anyway, I just saw the link to your blog from thier FB page and I am now following your blog. You have a great blog.

  3. Thank you for following Andrea! You just have to do a lot of contacting!