Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bondi Band Review!

I was recently sent three Bondi Bands from the Bondi Band company to try and review on my blog. My favorite thing about them: they are so cute! The designs are adorable! I usually don't wear anything like what I have on in the picture, but I thought I would try this one instead of the plain purple one they sent, and I love it now! I never thought I'd feel comfortable wearing something that flashy, but I really do like it! Not only are they cute, but they are comfortable also. They are very lightweight and don't feel heavy on your head, which is exactly what you need when running. I had a little trouble keeping it on my head today, but when I wore it two nights ago, I didn't have that problem. My guess: I stretched it out a little bit. It was a very hot run with lots of hills, so sweat was definitely present. Not to mention, it was running down my face as you can tell. I don't think the Bondi Band could have kept the sweat from running down my face today. I also think they would be good for running in cold weather due to the fact that you can pull it down over your ears. I know it's not very thick, but I don't like running with something thick on my ears anyway, so this would be perfect!

Overall, VERY PLEASED with my new Bondi Bands! Thank you Bondi Band!

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  1. I love love love Bondi Bands. I tried so many headbands and they just ended up on the floor behind me every single time. Then I tried a Bondi Band and it changed my entire world! I can kickbox and run without wisps of hair flying into my face. I can cut my hair super short and just throw a Bondi Band on.

    The Bondi Band salesperson told me I should always wear it so the fabric touches my forehead to keep it from slipping. If you wear it this way, it actually does keep a lot of the sweat off your face - I can wring my Bondi Band out after a workout.

    Another thing, I just throw them in the wash after each workout - it cleans them and also helps them 'shrink' back.