Thursday, July 8, 2010

Whew! It's HOT!

The past two nights have been HOT! Last night, we ran four miles and tonight we ran almost four miles. Last night, GREAT! Tonight, MISERABLE! Last night, didn't have to stop and walk. Tonight, stopped and walked A LOT! It's amazing how some days you can have great runs and then some days it's like you've never run a day in your life. So to those of you who are just starting running, even when you've been running a long time, you still have THOSE DAYS! But, in our defense, it was stinkin' HOT out there!

What started as a three person running date last night...turned out to be a six person running date! AWESOME! Bobbie, Katrina, and I had planned on meeting at the Hub at 9:00 (trying to beat the heat) and run four miles. Lo and behold, it ended up being Bobbie, Katrina, Me, Gerard, Twila, and Angela. What a crew!

Although it was hot, we had a great run! Now...the most important person that was present...wasn't even running. Bobbie's mother, Ruby, was there waiting on us at the start and the finish, with nice, COLD, ice water! What a blessing!

Tonight, it was just myself, Bobbie, Gerard, and Twila. And I think we were all feeling the pain a little bit. We all at some point felt a stitch in our sides from the heat and we all at some point ended up walking. HOT! HOT! HOT! (Do you think the fact that I drank NO water today had anything to do with it?) My advice: ALWAYS DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! Enjoy the pics of our running crew!


  1. OMG!!! I look like a sweaty pig!!! Love "our" crew hope we ALL stick with it together and live LONG & HAPPY lives together!!

  2. WOW...I look rough, LOL! Enjoyed the run Wednesday night! It was Fuuuunn! You guys push me and I am grateful! Sorry you guys were miserable last night. Love being with all of you...our running CREW! :) Love, LOVE this blog, Sheri! :)