Monday, July 26, 2010

Rest Day...MONDAY!

I must say, when Monday was chosen as a rest day, I was a little skeptical. If you start out the week sitting on your tush...isn't that how you will finish? Well, I've been sorely mistaken. Monday is a hard day to get up and get going, especially when Monday is the only day off from work that my husband gets. So, Monday is my rest day and the day that I get to spend with my wonderful and loving husband, Jeremiah.

I have a long week of training planned and hopefully all will go according to schedule, except that there is already a kink in the schedule. I just bought a bike, which you can read about below, and planned on doing quite a bit of riding this week. But, all bikes need to be looked at after they've been purchased, just to make sure there are no issues. So, I took my bike to my wonderful cousin, Scott. He used to work at Danville Bike and Footwear and has always been an avid rider. He has my bike until Thursday, just to look it over and fix anything that he comes across that may need to be fixed. Nothing major, just a safety check! So, no bike riding until Thursday night.
So, to make up for not having my bike, I'm either going to have to log in some more miles on my feet or suck it up and go to a spin class at the gym! We'll see!
Well, I'm off to spend more time with my hubby...
Next run...3.1 miles tomorrow night, CROSS COUNTRY! All in the grass! Here we go!


  1. I've learned to embrace the rest days, as have my increasingly fragile legs, no matter what day they come along. I've tried two different marathon training plans and they both ended up with Monday rest days. Perhaps they've seen what I look like driving in to work in the morning on Monday and recognized that it's best not to make me any more tired.

    Hope the bike passes its 'physical'. New toys are always exciting!

  2. I think that Mondays are great rest days. We usually do long runs on Sunday, so Monday is a good day to relax and charge up for the rest of the week!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! ...I'm a teacher too! (8th grade Language Arts)

  3. A rest day is a great way to start your week.

  4. Like Evolving, I've learned to embrace my rest days as well. My body just doesn't respond so well to back-to-back running.

  5. Rest days are hard but definitely needed to let your body recover and to be ready for the next run! Training in the grass sounds fun. I'd love to do some more trail runs.
    I look foward to following your blog and training :)