Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Marathon Training Update...and some advice needed!

Well, another week down, just a few more to go. Our schedule this week looked like this...

5 miles - 48:38
8 miles - 1:18:20
5 miles - 45:00
Shamrock Shuffle 3K - 15:52
17 miles - 2:56:27 (10:23 pace)

All of my runs this week went pretty well, and I'm positive that Bobbie's did as well. We were able to do our 8 mile run together this past week and our 17 miles. We always do our long run together. My first 5 miler was okay, but my mind was preoccupied. I left from school because I had to be back for a meeting, so I was kind of worried about getting back on time.

My second 5 miler was awesome! I kept a 9:00/mile pace the entire run. I started at the Wellness Center, ran 2.5 to the hospital to visit a friend who just had a baby, and ran the other 2.5 back to the Wellness Center.

As for the 17, rough! We had both run on Friday and Saturday, so doing 17 on Sunday was a little much. But, we made it and still stayed under our target time for the marathon.

Now for the advice. Please help!

I am such a busy person. When is it okay to skimp on miles? I haven't skimped yet, but I'm afraid I might have to this week. Skimp on the short runs or the long run?


  1. i personally think skimp on the short. I’ve had to miss some of my short runs (4 miles) and 1 mid run (8 miles) but don’t miss my long runs. My week is usually a short speed/hill work, mid run, short slower run, long run. i think my body can afford to skip a thursday short run, but needs to work with the longer distances still.

  2. great week, skimp on the short runs!