Monday, March 14, 2011

Brooks Apparel Review...AWESOME!

Don't you love my new outfit? You can't see the entire thing in the pic, I just wanted you to see the outfit in action! I wore it this past weekend during a race, and love it! Tiffany over at Brooks sent me an EZ Run T, a pair of Epiphany shorts, and an Essential Run Long Sleeved 1/2 Zip Pullover.

I can say that I absolutely love everything about my new outfit! The shorts and the shirt are both very breathable. They are both made from moisture wicking material and are very lightweight, which I love. I sweat, A LOT! I have to have material that is breathable. For example, I found a running skirt the other day that was reasonably priced, but I couldn't but it due to the fact that it was 100% cotton. No can do!!

Also, the shirt and shorts match! I'm not one of those runners who tries to match every outfit I wear. So, it was nice to have an outfit already put together for me. The shirt is super cute and the shorts are as well. The short have a brief on the interior that is super light and a hidden pocket on the inside which is perfect for a key or an energy gel.

My favorite part of the outfit? The pullover! The pullover that Tiffany sent me is black with silver, reflective lettering on it. I love the fact that it has reflective pieces on it. I'm not very comfortable with running in the dark by myself unless I have something reflective on. I also love the fact that it has THUMB HOLES! I love thumb holes! My hands tend to get too hot in gloves and I usually end up carrying them, so a shirt with thumb holes is a great compromise between gloves and no gloves. Also, it has a fabulous pocket on the left side where my keyless entry to my car and my cell phone (my husband asks that I carry i,t just in case) fit perfectly. The pullover is also made of a lightweight, wicking material. This is perfect for Kentucky weather right now. It's not cold here, but it's not hot either. For a morning run, you need something light, but breathable!

A huge THANK YOU to Tiffany over at Brooks! I really appreciate you letting me try out and review your apparel! :) Happy Running!


  1. I love the design at the bottom of the shirt! So cute.

  2. I love the whole outfit - thumb holes are the greatest! Thanks for posting a great review.

  3. That short sleeve shirt is adorable!