Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marathon Training Update - Pretty Good Week!

Even though I ended up being about 1.3 miles short on my mileage this week, it was still a pretty good week for running. This week, we had a 5, 8, 5, and 19 for the long run. My week looked like this...

4 miles - 39:11 (9:48 pace)
6.15 miles - 57:44 (9:23 pace)
1.7 miles - 15:15 (8:57 pace)
3.3 miles - on the mill, not sure what my time and pace were
19 miles - 3:09:57 (10:00 pace; flat!)

It was such a busy week that there was not way I was going to get all of my weekly runs in without splitting them up a little, and I still didn't get them all in. But, this is the very first week since the end of December that I have skimped on mileage. Actually, I'm usually over a litte due to boot camp, so it evens itself out, right?

I felt pretty good on all of my during the week runs, and I know Bobbie had some fabulous runs during the week, including two 1st place medals in her age group for some St. Patty's Day races. Way to go Bobbie!
As for the 19 miler, I am very happy about the way it turned out. I hadn't run since Friday morning, so my legs were extra fresh when we set out Sunday morning. We began at the Wellness Center and ran 6 miles through downtown Danville, with a potty stop at Super America. When we returned to the car, we dropped off our jackets, GUed, and took off for the other 13 miles.
We completed the last 13 on Bluegrass Pike, a road famous for it's rolling hills. We are training here because we've heard that there is not better way to prepare us for the hills we will encounter in the Flying Pig!

My goal is to finish the marathon in under 5 hours. I finished 19 miles keeping 10 minute per mile pace, which is well under 5 hours for a full marathon. If I keep a 10 minute pace during the marathon, I can finish in 4 hours and 22 minutes. We'll see!!!

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  1. Awesome pace for a practice 19 miler! Great job!