Monday, March 7, 2011

Another week finished - 16 mile run was FABULOUS!

Well, another week of marathon training finished! This week we had 4, 7, 4, and our long run was 16 miles. Bobbie and I ran our two 4 milers alone, and then ran our 7 miler together. All of my weekly runs went pretty well. Bobbie's went well also, with the exception of some leg pain she's been having. It starts down by her foot and shoots up the front of her leg, kind of like a shin splint.

So, with her leg, I was a little worried about her for our 16 miler on Saturday. Well, we woke up Saturday and the rain was pouring. Run postponed until Sunday! :) It was supposed to be quite a bit colder on Sunday, but we would rather run in the cold than in the rain. Don't get us wrong, we are crazy...we will run in anything. But, if we can help it, we'd rather not run in the rain for 16 miles. So, Sunday it was!

We set out with water belts and 3 GU's a piece. We stopped and had our GU's at 4 miles, 8 miles, and 12 miles. The weather wasn't the best, cold and windy. We'd make a turn and would feel no wind at all, then another turn, and the gusts would be ridiculous and cold. But, we made the best of it and the wind was at our backs for the second half of our run, so that was good.

Bobbie's leg didn't hurt her at all, HALLELUJAH! I didn't like the idea of an injury...don't think I could do this marathon without her! :) We are a team! By my Garmin, I kept a 10:03 pace for the entire 16 miles, which is well below the five hour finish we are hoping for. So, if we keep up the pace we are keeping, we will finish in well under 5 hours. YAY!

No one responded to my question from last week, so I'm going to repost. What do you do mentally to get through the long run?

Thanks for following our journey!

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  1. My longest run so far is 12 miles, so I'm not up to your mileage yet, but mentally, I let my mind wander completely. I run without music and just listen to what's around me. Random thoughts jump into my mind - an email to write to my aunt, an old memory from college, a new idea to try at work.

    I find that if I don't think about the miles I'm running or how my legs are getting tired, I find plenty of other things to think about. Toward the end of the run, I mentally recap my thoughts this far and then visualize how great it will feel to cross the finish line of my next race.

    I know it sounds corny, but this has worked for me without fail every time. Having a running partner must be nice too - I've only been running solo thus far.

  2. I think about how proud I'll feel once it's over!

  3. I prepare in my head. Over and over, going over the route, what I'm going to do, etc. etc. I find it helps to have a plan, makes me feel a bit more in control (HA!)

  4. I have a checklist. Starting from the top to bottom I check through my form. Stand tall, don't bounce, shouders relaxed, arms swinging behind, core tight, hips level, legs pulling and kicking naturally, leaning forward, lower legs are completely relaxed, i am landing in balance. Ahhhh.

  5. nice! I hope when i do my first 16-miler, I can say it was great, too!