Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow, Snow, GO AWAY!

Although today's snow is very beautiful, it's starting to really wear on my nerves. Why?
1. I'm a teacher. I do not want to be in school in June!
2. My husband commutes 45 minutes to work everyday. I don't like the idea of him out there driving when the conditions are this bad.
3. The heat in my house runs all day when it's this cold outside, which makes for a not so cheap electric bill.
4. It makes me lazy. I just want to climb in the bed and pull the covers up to my chin!
5. And, of's messing with my marathon training! BOO!
I will say one thing. Today was the second day of boot camp. We did a 3 mile run (29:04) and 100 squats out in the pouring snow and slushy roads. At 5:30, I loved every minute of it. I'm definitely a morning runner!
Stay safe! Enjoy your runs!


  1. Hi there! thanks for the follow and for joining my giveaway. Will add you to my blog roll so I can come back and read future posts =)

  2. You are hardcore to be doing that boot camp in the slush! You go, girl!