Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Week of Marathon Training FINISHED!

A picture after completing our first training run!

We have completed our first week and we feel good about it!

Now, it is only the first week, but we both talked about being mentally ready while we were running our 5 today. We both decided that mentally, we are ready to do this. When I first brought it up to Bobbie, I can honestly say I wasn't so sure myself. But, now that my mind has had time to adjust to the idea and we have registered, I am 11o% ready to do this! And so is Bobbie!

Our first week of running consisted of 4, 4, 4, and 5. Our first and second 4's were okay runs, but we had some technical difficulties along the way on both runs. I'm sworn to secrecy about what happened while out on the road, but you are welcome to try and figure it out.

Our third 4 miler was in bitter cold with wind blowing what felt like 60 miles an hour. There were times we were running with the wind, and times we were running into the wind. NOT FUN! We were very glad to be finished with that run!

Our 5 miler today was supposed to be yesterday, but due to weather conditions, we put it off until today. There were still some icy and snowy patches, but overall, a good run. At about 4.75 miles, I was freezing, but my body felt like I could run another 6.

Our plans for this week include 4, 4, 4, and 6. As of now, we are supposed to be in for a winter storm this week, so we'll see how well we are able to stick to a schedule.


  1. Awesome - good for you! What are you training for?

  2. Awesome, congratulations on the strong start!

  3. We are training for the Flying Pig in Cincinnati.

  4. congrats! this must be exciting!!!!

  5. good job! I start my WEEK one on Monday!