Friday, October 1, 2010

Pokey Pig 5K and throw in a long run as well!

Kiss the pig! I love this picture!

Bobbie has always wanted nothing more than to have a medal from a race with a pig on it! She collects pigs, and that has always been her goal. I think she even wants to run the Flying Pig Half Marathon in Cincinnati next year just to get another one! :)

Well, we went to Lebanon, Kentucky this past Saturday to run the Pokey Pig 5K, which is part of their Ham Days Festival. Needless to say, this race is one that will be on our annual calendar from here on out! The run was gorgeous and the atmosphere was amazing! They pretty much shut down the whole town for this festival. On the main drag, they have a stage set up where people perform throughout the festival. During the race, there was someone on the mic who was cheering you on as you crossed the finish line. I can honestly say that when I heard him say my number and start encouraging me, that gave me that extra push I needed to sprint to the finish. My time ended up being 26:23...with a 3rd place finish in my age group. Bobbie's time was 26:28 with a 2nd place finish in her age group. We both got pig medals! YAY! And, we got to kiss the pig!

Here we are with our pig medals!

On top of the 5K, in our half marathon training, it was our weekend to run 10 miles. So, while Mama Ruby went to the festival and shopped around, Bobbie and I (with our trusty Garmin watches), set out to complete 7 more miles on top of the 5K. We finished our 10 miles in a total of about 1 hour and 33 minutes. Well on our way to a sub 2:15 finish at the Louisville Half...maybe even a sub 2:00 finish. Anyone have any good ideas to help us with sub 2:00?

Anyhoo...we had a great time and will definitely be returning to the Pokey Pig 5K for years to come. I am very blessed to have found such an awesome running buddy and friend. Thanks Bobbie!

This weekend, a few of us are competing in the RJ Corman duathlon to benefit the Chrysalis House in Lexington, KY. Keep us in your thoughts as we tackle this stage in our journey!

Oh yes, and Mama Ruby got this picture of me crossing the finish line. My face is awful, but it's the first picture where I actually feel that I look like a runner!


  1. That festival looks like a lot of fun. Congrats on placing!

  2. Thanks so much girl! I am SO VERY happy I have found you also, besides that you need someone to keep you safe! LOL!! You are going to ROCK IT tomorrow!!

  3. That's so cool she finally got a pig medal - how awesome!

    The 'kiss the pig' picture is awesome!

    I hope your race was amazing today!

  4. How cool to get a pig medal!! I love pigs :)

  5. that's great that you completed your scheduled long run after the race!

    thanks for linking my giveaway!