Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oiselle Running Lori Short and Isabel Shimmel Shirt Review!

I was sent this wonderful tank top and pair of shorts from the wonderful people at Oiselle. If you aren't familiar with their clothing, I encourage you to check out their website...HERE!
I was send the Lori short and the Isabel shimmel shirt to try out and review on my blog. One thing I absolutely love about both items is their names! The names of all of their products are so cute!
As for the garments while running, I absolutely love them both! I love the shirt because I can wear it without wearing a sports bra. Other shirts with a built in bra, I still have to wear a sports bra too. This one, I don't. The built in bra is so supportive, I don't have to wear anything with it. That makes for a more comfortable run. Not to mention, don't you love the color? It's called Oiselle Orange!
As for the shorts, my favorite part about them is the way they are cut. I almost always wear Nike Tempo shorts and have always loved them. These shorts are cut further up on the sides of my legs and allow my legs to get more air than my Tempo shorts. This was something that was really helpful on those long runs during the dry, hot, and humid Kentucky summer we had this year!
All in all, love my new attire! Thank you Oiselle!

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