Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Not really...but sort of!

This upcoming Sunday is the Louisville Half Marathon that my buddy, Bobbie, and I are running. It's my 30th birthday this Sunday, so I thought 'what better way to not feel thirty?'. Well, run a mini marathon...that will make you feel good about yourself! So, that's what we are doing to celebrate my 30th birthday. Bobbie and I are running, and our lovely husbands and mothers are coming with us to cheer us on!

On to the freedom part...

Being that it is taper week, we decided to do two runs, 3 miles each. DON'T FAINT, BUT I LEFT MY GARMIN AT HOME! For those of you who look at your Garmin every 30 seconds like I do, this is a HUGE change from the norm! And I must say, it was nice!!!
On our first run, I didn't even look at Bobbie's watch, nor did I ask to see it! I didn't even ask about our time when we got back to the car.
Tonight, I asked at the halfway mark what our time was. And I also asked our time when we finished. But...I never once asked what our pace was while we were running. Good for me! I know this sounds trivial, but you fellow runners understand! It's hard to go without it when you're so used to running with it!


  1. What an awesome way to celebrate the big three-oh, girl!

    I enjoy those liberating sans-Garmin runs, too!

  2. Awesome way to celebrate your b-day. I always look at my garmin when I'm running. Sometimes I'll convince myself to get through an entire song before glancing down but that is pretty much torture.

  3. So brave to go out without your Garmin. it's attached to me at all times (while running).

  4. Good luck this weekend! Bravo for freedom!