Monday, October 18, 2010

Louisville Half Marathon Report!

The trip started on Saturday, around 3:00. Myself, my running buddy Bobbie, my mom, and her mom headed to Louisville so that we could pick up our packets for race day. Being that this race is a 'no frills' race, there was no expo, just packet pickup. We got our packets, purchased a sweatshirt, and got a free water bottle. There was a Hammer Gel in our packets, along with some electrolyte capsules, so at least there was something extra in our bags.

We then went back to the hotel and chilled until our hubbies arrived around 8:30. When they got there, we headed out to dinner to fill ourselves with plenty of carbohydrates. We went to a place called Clifton's Pizza. We had cheesesticks, sandwiches, pasta, and pizza between the six of us. It was absolutely YUMMY! Just what we needed for our pre-race dinner.

My mom, Ruby, myself, and Bobbie.

We went back to the hotel and got all of our things together for the next morning. I laid out all my things, including my birthday shirt! I threw it off as soon as I crossed the start line, but plenty of people got to see it. I have it on in the picture below, with my wonderful husband, Jeremiah. He is such a great supporter!

Below is the video of the start of the race and tossing the birthday shirt away! You see me throw my shirt away and round the bend, and then you catch a glimpse of Bobbie too!

And we're off! The race started at 8:00 a.m. Almost the entire run was along the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a fabulous run! Absolutely gorgeous and 99% flat! Bobbie and I started pretty fast and stayed there together until about mile 4. Then, we separated, but were always in each others sights. We had our pace tattoos on, and until about mile 8, I was well ahead of it. Our 'A' goal was 2:15, our 'B' goal was 2:00 flat. The pace tattoo was for 2:00, so it was okay if I didn't make it. It wasn't my 'A' goal.

At about mile 8, I started to slow down, and at 9 1/2 miles, my Garmin stopped itself and I didn't realize it until about 2 minutes later. The slow down lasted until about mile 10 1/2 - 11. Then, I picked my speed back up and made it back to the finish line at 2:06:06. I met my 'A' goal, but not my 'B' goal, but that's okay. My last 1/2 marathon time was 2:30:07, so I shaved 24 minutes off for this one. I was very excited about that! Crossing the finish line!

Bobbie finished in 2:12! Woo hoo! We both met our goal! Way to go us! And we were even dressed alike! That's a true running buddy!

Below is a video that my husband got of me crossing the finish line! I thought he was just taking a picture. I didn't know he was video taping when I walked up to him. I pose for the picture with my finisher's medal and everything! All in all, a great race! Now...on to the Flying Pig!


  1. Wow! 24 mins off of your time, way to go!

  2. Great Job!

    You'll definitely get under 2 at the Pig!

  3. Holy cow, nice PR!! The video is great, what an awesome thing to have to remember the race!

  4. Nice job! Way to go on that PR!!!!

  5. Wow, that's a serious PR, congratulations!

  6. oh, and i love the last video... too cute! :)

  7. You shaved a ton of time off! Congrats! Are those towels? Mats? in the finish area?

  8. They are mats. It was chip timed. The chip is around my ankle.

  9. a 24 min PR is great!! congrats and I love the race shirt...might have to do it just for that next year.