Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well, as you read in my previous post, I am into my training for the RJ Corman Duathlon on October 2nd. And all I can say is, WHEW! I'm not worried about the first 5K in the slightest, nor am I worried about the 15 mile bike in the middle. It's the 5K to end it that I'm a little worried about.

I went yesterday and rode my bike 12 miles on Bluegrass Pike here in my hometown. For those of you who know it, you know it doesn't lack in hills! :) After biking the 12 miles, I proceeded to get off the bike and run 2 miles. Geez! I've never felt like such a brick in my entire life! My legs were heavy and I felt like I couldn't lift them off the ground. But, I suffered through it and stayed below a 10 minute mile pace. Woo hoo! A 10 minute mile isn't quite as fast as I would like, but after riding the bike, I'll take it!

My bike is in the shop right now...there's nothing wrong with it, just getting some things done to it to make it a little more time efficient. I can't wait to see the difference!


  1. make sure to get some nutrtion in during the race! i'm sure you're on it - but it can make a big difference! good luck! :)

  2. How exciting! I bet you'll do great.

  3. Good luck on your race!

    I know what you mean about the brick legs!! It gets easier the more brick workouts you do.