Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gearing Up For the First 15K!

I guess I shouldn't be freaked out too much about a 9.3 mile race, since I've already done the mini marathon and all, but for some reason, something new always gets to me. Bobbie and I have done the course before and there are quite a few hills going out, but that means you get to come back down them coming back! That rocks for me! Know why? The first half of a long run, I just kind of float along at about a 9:30 pace...then when the halfway point comes...I actually start to feel like I can run! The second half and I are definitely good friends! Give me the second half over the first half of a race any day!

Anyhoo...just thought all of my fellow bloggies would like to hear about the next venture of running buddies, Sheri and Bobbie. Our first 15K race...this Saturday...Burgin, Kentucky. It's an absolutely beautiful run...and benefits pets! I'll run to help puppies anytime! Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck, girl! I can't wait to read the race report!

  2. Looks that's a lot of fun. Good luck!!!


  3. Good luck, Sheridan!

    You've won something on my blog -- please check it out and send me your contact info. Congrats, and thanks for following my journey!!