Tuesday, February 22, 2011

President's Day 5K Race Report

Well, Bobbie and I love races, so when a friend of her daughters called and told her about a race her KUNA club at her high school was having, she couldn't resist. So, off we went. We drove about 30 miles down the road to a town called Springfield, Kentucky. The race was at Washington County High School.

We arrive and sit in the warm car for quite some time. Well, I think I sat in the car longer than everyone else. All around, there were costumes of all types. Let's see...Abraham Lincoln, the Statue of Liberty, 80's chic, World War I costumes, etc. They were adorable!

Bobbie and I knew we had a 12 mile run that we had to get in that day for our marathon training, so our plan was to take it easy on the 5K. But, we all know how that goes, especially when you're racing! :) Neither one of us took it easy, especially considering the 2nd half of the race was ALL UPHILL! And when I say uphill, I mean hills that lasted for 3/4 of a mile and felt like they were never going to end. But, we both made it. I was the 3rd female through the finish chutes and Bobbie was the 4th. We placed 1st and 2nd in our age groups! Way to go us!
Rolling on toward the finish line!

Bobbie crossing the finish line!

Sometimes we feel like we might, kind of, sort of...be a big deal! :) (Just kidding!) And yes, we do have on the same shirts! We plan on dressing alike quite often.

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  1. Those costumes sound so adorable!

    I love how you have the matching shirt action going on.