Sunday, February 20, 2011

Heart, Glove, and Sole 5K Race Recap

The Heart, Glove, and Sole 5K Race was held at Coldstream Park in Lexington, Kentucky and was put in place to benefit diabetes, which is a very serious disease, even though some people don't think it's that serious. I have three students at school who are Type I diabetic and can assure you that it's a serious disease.
Onto the race! Well, it was cold, very cold. But, we never let weather stop us! So, we were off. One thing that can kill me in a race is starting too fast. And EVERYONE started too fast. I looked down at my watch and my average was at 6:35 per mile, which is way too fast for me. So, even though there was a man in front of me that I knew I could come through the finish chutes before, I made myself slow down. I knew he had started too fast also, so that meant he would lose his steam before the end of the race.
After slowing down, I kept about an 8:30 pace and caught up with the man around 1.5 miles, passed him, and never saw him again. If that doesn't show me that pacing myself isn't important, I don't know what will. I also caught up with my running buddy, Bobbie. When I got to her, she was walking because she didn't feel very good to her stomach. I know that doesn't feel good, but she still finished with a 26 minute time, so that's awesome! Also, Katrina, Angie, and Melinda all had great finishing times as well. We all started the year off great! I crossed the finish line at 26:36 by my Garmin. Pretty good time for the first race of the year, considering my PR is 26:23.
I finished with a ribbon. I got 3rd in my age group! Great way to start the year! Hopefully, I will set a new PR this year!
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  1. awesome race! congrats for placing in your age group :)

  2. NIce job! Love that ribbon!

  3. Out too fast--isn't that always the way? Nice job pacing and woot for snagging an AG award!