Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Three Things for Thursday...

1. I love the 5 a.m. run! It makes the day so much more enjoyable and it feels wonderful to know that my run is finished for the day. I've also enjoyed the run because I've gotten to catch up with people that I don't get to see very often because life just gets in the way.

2. I did a seven miler this past weekend and plan on doing a nine miler this weekend. Hopefully I'll be as prepared as a pregnant woman can be for this half marathon at the end of March. I know I won't be busting out a sub 2 hours or anything, but I would like to finish with an overall pace that is less than a 10:00 mile. I know that doesn't sound very fast for some of you, but believe me, it's pretty good considering how much my pace has slowed due to the pregnancy. I'm very excited about this race for several reasons. One being that this is only the second year for this race, which means that so far, I've run this race every year and plan on making that a tradition. Secondly, my mom, sister, and I have decided to make a girls trip out of it. Yes, it's only about 45 minutes away, but we've decided to go up the night before, get a really nice hotel room, do some shopping, and have a very carb-filled dinner. Then, off to the races! (I say that because this race will begin at Keeneland, a famous horse track in central Kentucky, the horse capital of the world.)

3. Last but not least, I am so very grateful for my husband and how supportive he is being during this pregnancy. Jeremiah, as many of you know, is my very best friend in the whole world. And I wouldn't want to share this experience with anyone other than my best friend. He has been understanding of my fatigue, patient when I've been moody, and brought me anything I needed when I needed it. I honestly couldn't do this without him! And most of all, he's supportive of my running with baby. Thank you Jeremiah!

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  1. Your bump is adorable! So great that you are continuing to run. Do you have any good advice for running while pregnant? Do you wear a support band? Have you had trouble finding clothes that fit?