Friday, January 13, 2012

Five for Friday

I've never done a Five for Friday, so there is a first time for everything...

1. I never did a race recap on the Santas Hustle the Smokies 1/2 marathon in Sevierville, Tennessee. But, I will today because I actually have time to do it. But, as a little sneak's a picture for you.

2. Hopefully I can catch up on my blogging today because it's a SNOW DAY! That's right...the Danville Schools are out of school today. WOO HOO! I normally don't like snow days because I would rather get out of school on May 10th, but hey, what's May 11th, right?

3. My favorite feeling? I love life! There are so many great things in life right now, that I feel like I can't stop smiling! :) I am so grateful for all the wonderful friends and family that I have, for my wonderful, fabulous husband, and for just being able to run. I know we want to get down when we don't have a good run, but I always tell myself, at least I can run.

4. It's high school basketball season! That means my fabulous nephew, Micah, is starting his final season of high school basketball. We enjoy watching him play so much! Yes, it makes for a busy week, but it's totally worth it! Lincoln County at home tonight! One of my favorite games of the season!

5. I know that this year is going to hold lots of blessings and great times! I'm so excited for this year to be here. I know life isn't candy and roses all the time, but I'm excited for all of it. I feel that good times and not so good times are, together, what makes us resilient people!

Thank you all for being such loyal readers!

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