Sunday, September 11, 2011

Update and a question...

Why am I a joke? Well, simply put, I've let my blogging fall by the wayside while I started a new job. But, the job is settling down some, so I will start blogging more.

Just an update: Ran a 15K this past Saturday. I really wanted to be able to finish at a 9:09 pace so that I know I can finish my next mini marathon in under 2 hours, but it didn't happen. At about mile 6 1/2, both of my Achilles started to ache, so I had to slow down tremendously. I REALLY NEED NEW SHOES! I will be purchasing them this week. I finished at a 9:23 pace, which ticks me off because I kept below race pace for the first six miles and then let it fall that much. UGH! The funny thing is that I'm not usually one to let things like this bother me. I usually just chalk it up as a bad run and move on, but not this time. I literally haven't stopped thinking about it since the finish.

Question: I finished my last mini with a 9:14 pace. I really want to finish this one at 9:09 or less, preferably below 9:00. Any suggestions on a pace scale that includes negative splits instead of keeping the same pace the entire race?

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