Sunday, September 25, 2011


I posted a question at the end of my last post and didn't receive any comments :). So, I'm posting my question again and would really love any suggestions you can give...

I really want to finish my next mini in under 2 hours. My last one was 2:01:31. I know the pace I need to keep is 9:09 or below. Any suggestions on how to do this, whether it be keeping the same pace the entire race or using negative splits?

All suggestions are welcome!


  1. My questions for you are what's the course like and how's your endurance? Does the course and your current fitness lend themselves to negative splits? Personally I get so tired right around mile 11 and don't trust myself to be able to pick it up late in the game. I vote for holding an even pace. Good luck!

  2. I don't know how to help you, but I hope you get some good advice. When I want to work on speed, i find myself doing interval training. Good luck on reaching your goal and I'll be cheering for you! :)

  3. When is this race and how do you feel training wise? ready? put in speed work and tempos? I personally try to hold the same pace. i recommend getting a pace band to keep you on target from i don’t recommend a pace team-i had issues with the last one i tried to stick with.