Monday, August 9, 2010

Road ID Review!

Road ID. What a concept! Just in case you aren't familiar with a Road ID, it is a way to let someone know who you are, who to call, and other important information about you in case of an emergency. As you can see from the picture, they can be as simple as a small band that you wear on your wrist when you train. I wear mine every time I walk out the door to run or ride my bike. Mine was furnished to me by Scott at Outside PR. And what a wonderful gift it has been!
While I've never had an accident while training, I have come close. I have had a close call both on my feet and on my bike, and I am very relieved to say that my husband's and my mother's phone numbers were right there on my wrist for anyone to find. The picture below shows a close up of my Road ID.

I chose yellow for my Road ID simply because I felt like if someone were having to tend to me while I was hurt, yellow would be an easy color for them to notice. My Road ID has my name, location, husband's phone number, mother's phone number, and a reference to a penicillin allergy, just in case doctors need to know. I feel very safe wearing my Road ID, knowing that someone can get in touch with my family and could save my life.

Not only is the Road ID a great concept, but it's made to be light and virtually weight-free while you wear it. As a runner, I don't like to wear anything that I feel is weighing me down. I don't even know the Road ID is there! It's awesome and could save your life in a heartbeat! They wear them in the Tour de should wear one too! It could honestly SAVE YOUR LIFE!

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  1. I love my Ankle ID! It's so comfortable that I never even remember it's on my ankle. I've had it for a few years now and even though the metal is a bit tarnished, it's still functional!