Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Day! (with the exception of the sunglasses!)

Well, today was all in all, a great day! I got up with every intention of running this morning, but...that didn't happen! I must have turned off my alarm...hmmm. Went to school to clean the classroom and was dumbfounded at how dirty and nasty our classrooms get throughout the year. I've never seen so much filth in all my life!

After cleaning the classroom, onto the ball field I went! My nephew Zach had a tee ball game, and my niece Gracie had 2 softball games. While tee ball isn't my favorite game to watch, I do enjoy watching Zach play. He had an incredible out at home plate! Way to go Zach!

Gracie's team, the Mercer Mystixx, lost their first game by one run...completely due to horrible officiating! They won their second game by a landslide! I LOVE SOFTBALL! If I get this excited over watching my nieces and nephews, what will it be like when I'm watching my own?

The one downfall to the day, THE SUNGLASSES! I've had my eye on a pair of running sunglasses for months now and finally decided to buy them. I got them in the mail today...they are definitely not for me! I'm definitely sending them back! What do you think?


  1. Sweetie were is the sunglasses part? LOL!! If you are gonna send them back let me give you a couple of pairs I have if you like one of them you can have it, I'm not much on wearing them myself. I'll message you tomorrow about meeting up Thursday, thinking I could maybe pull a 5 but we will see. I gave you a shout out on my blog tonight!!

  2. OMG! Love those "sunglasses"! What the heck is wrong with them, Sheri? You don't like them? LOL!! I could have just brought you some safety glasses home from work! :)