Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two days of rest before the half! :)

Well, the time has come. It's Wednesday, and Run the Bluegrass is Saturday. I am so very excited for this race! I'm excited mainly due to the fact that I won't be running alone. I will be running with my first child! :) How many children can say they ran a half marathon before they even exited the womb? Well, mine will be able to say that.

I've been doing my long runs with my two friends, Sarah W. and Sarah B. Both of these friends I know from high school, which makes the training all the more special. I don't keep in touch with a lot of people from high school, so it's very nice to be back in touch with people that I was able to share high school with, and now I get to share this with them as well. Even if we don't run together during the race, training was a big part of the fun!

We went out this past Sunday for our last long run before the race, 12 miles. Going into this training, I wasn't sure what to expect out of running while pregnant. At first, I wasn't pleased. During my first trimester, I was SO tired that sometimes I couldn't muster up the energy to run at all, so I didn't. But as soon as my energy started to show back up, I started morning runs. I can't run after school because my feet are swollen and it's very uncomfortable to do so.

As for long runs, I've been very pleased! With all of us! We've all been running the entire runs, and at a pretty good clip. For my eight miler, I averaged around 9:20, my nine miler was an average of 9:19, eleven miler was 9:25, and my twelve miler was 9:37.

Our twelve miler included quite a few hills. We ran a couple of neighborhoods that have some pretty good hills and then we went to the Danville Country Club. Our intention was to just run up the drive to the country club and back out, but when we got down the drive, we decided to run the cart path of the back nine of the golf course. All I can say is, WOW! We definitely had our hill work for the week. This course we're running on Saturday is supposedly pretty hilly, so let's hope we're ready for it!

Run the Bluegrass, here we come!

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